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Danielle, affectionately known as Divinely Dani, is a huge advocate when it comes to encouraging women to build a personal relationship with God. She is passionate about encouraging you finding your identity in Christ so that God will become number one in your heart. It is her purpose to make sure you are building and maintaining a personal relationship with Him so that you are able to manifest the life you desire to live.

Danielle is so passionate about God's people. She is a huge servant to the Kingdom and her church. She loves being a wife and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite thing to do is travel and try different restaurants. She is a huge advocate to the community and loves to serve, volunteer and give to many organizations.

New book available 

With genuine authenticity and fierce encouragement, Manifesting Your Relationship with God is to encourage those that have found identity in the world and have suffered the consequences of doing so. I am here to help you heal and embrace your identity through my story. This book will help you discover practical ways to manifest a relationship with God, witness the power of faith and obedience and walk confidently in who God has called you to be. 



Manifest Your Godly Life
So many people want a different life, a better life but how many really desire to do what it takes to get to a better life, the best life? You have to do something different to get different and better results. So, are YOU ready for change? How bad do you really want it?

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Believer. Servant. Author. Mentor.

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