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10 Day Journal Challenge

Hey sisters!

If you’ve been following me, my posts and blogs then you will know that I am all about pursuing a personal relationship with God, journaling and spending time with God. I believe that a personal relationship with God is essential to every aspect of our lives and that in order to walk in purpose it’s important to know who we are and who we belong to. How can we know our identity if we don’t spend time with the one who created us?

I am creating and hosting a 10 day journal challenge. My desire is for every woman to spend time with God for 10 days. During this 10 day journal challenge you will set aside time to spend time with God, worship, study His Word, and journal what the Lord is saying to you and what you have to say to the Lord.

This is a great time for you to seek and hear what the Lord has to say to you in this season. A time to unwind and bring all your thoughts to God. A time to grow closer to Him. Typically when I start to spend time with God, I worship and just cast all my cares to Him. I then sit with my journal and share with God what’s on my heart. Whatever He speaks back, I write about. I also apply the Word to what is being written because we all know the Bible is our source. It’s our reference and our foundation. Just let the Holy Spirit lead you. Let’s make spending time with God not only a priority but a strong desire that can’t be ignored! Day 1 will start on May 1. I will check in with you all each day by email.

How do you sign up? You must be subscribed. Once you enter the website, a pop up box will appear. If you have already subscribed in the past, no worries I will send updates via email.

So excited! Love you all!

So, what will you need?

1. A Journal!

2. Your Bible.

3. Set aside a time and place to spend time with God. Make sure it’s when you are at your best. Don’t wait until before your bedtime, while you’re in bed lying down because if you’re like me, you will definitely fall asleep. LOL