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Are your Seeds Going Unnoticed??

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Are your Seeds Going Unnoticed??

Sometimes we let our flesh win instead of the Holy Spirit in us. We tend to let our flesh have control over our emotions and thoughts. Often times that leads us to think and worry about the things we don’t have more than the things that God has blessed us with. 

Yesterday the enemy got the best of me. I got so frustrated regarding the things that I felt weren’t going according to God's promises. I thought that my seeds were going unnoticed and neglected. Honestly, they aren't. I was just being impatient and appeared to be ungrateful. My spiritual mother walked me through this and asked me the things that God has done for me. I named a very long list and then ended it with "BUT....I don’t have this or that." She said that “BUT” appears that you’re ungrateful. 

Just because things aren’t done on our timeline or in our will doesn’t mean God isn’t working. He’s always working whether it’s right in front of us or behind the scenes. He’s always at work in us. The question is are we going to be patient? Are we going to wait on God? Are we going to change our perspective and shift it to the things we do have more than what we don’t have? Are we going to be content? Are we going to check our hearts and make sure we’re doing it for God and not personal gain? 

We can't let our impatient spirit cause us to go out of the will of God. We can't let it lead us to make rash decisions or let it weaken our faith. We will not let it make us ungrateful. Instead we will celebrate and encourage ourselves. We will increase our faith, trust God and His promise.

Be content! Say a prayer of thanksgiving daily! 

Jesus loves you and I do too.

With love,

Divinely Dani