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But obedience doesn't feel good

Updated: Jan 10

There comes many times in life where we have 2 options. Those options are to obey God or choose what satisfies our emotions. We may get into situations where we want to obey God, but it doesn't quite feel good or we may just not feel like it. The situation that requires obedience may have us in a place where it's very uncomfortable. Hey, that's okay. Life will put us in situations where we will grow. Where we will be stretched. Where we will have to make decisions that will increase our faith and our willingness to God.

Obedience starts with first having the desire to even be obedient to God. You make ask yourself,,How do I get to the point where I desire to be obedient to God or how do I get to the point where it’s easy for me to be obedient to God, where it's the only solution.

The answer is a personal relationship with God. When you spend quality time with God, when you worship, serve Him, put yourselves in positions to please Him and hear Him, you’ll grow closer to Him. You’ll start to desire to please Him daily. You’ll start to not only hear His voice but take heed to His voice. You’ll start to trust Him more and believe His Word. You'll hold it close to your heart to the point where disobedience isn’t an option. The closer you grow to God the more obedience will be the best option. You’ll trust His plan more than you trust your own will. You will start to depend on God more. It’s easy to read the scripture of eating the best of the land if you are willing or obedient (Isaiah 1:19), but it’s not so easy when you’re in a sticky situation where disobedience feels better at the moment or where disobedience meets you at your comfort zone.

This year I encourage you to do what God says. Even if it doesn’t make sense. Even if it doesn’t feel right. Even when no one understands why you’re doing it. Do it although people around you are judging or laughing at you. Even when you’re tired or don’t feel like you’re being treated right, do what God says. This year take the leap, have much courage and intentionally care about what God says. Intentionally put yourself in a position where obedience is the only option.

Obedience isn’t always comfortable. It isn’t always easy. It isn’t always convenient. Sometimes the obedience isn’t for you. Maybe it’s for your generation or the generation before you. Maybe your obedience is someone else’s answer. It may not always feel like it but God's Word is perfect. His Will is perfect. Everything about Him is perfect. We must believe and trust that because when we do it becomes easier to follow His instructions rather than our feelings. We will grow to stand firm on His Word rather than our fear or our thoughts of weariness, or our own feelings. We can either stay in our feelings and take action off of impulse or we can trust God and follow His Word. For example when someone says something to us or about us and we know it’s not true, we can take action and defend ourselves when God is telling you He will speak for you or you can trust that God has your back. You can make a decision based off of fear or you can trust that God said He will support you and take care of it. You can fight a battle because you feel like God isn’t fighting the way you would fight or because God isn’t fighting quick enough for you or you can trust that God has never lost a battle. Sometimes pride can lead to disobedience. A prideful and know it all spirit can make us ignore what God is saying and can cause us to take matters into our own hands instead of submitting our thoughts, our feelings, and our plans to God. We have to trust that the Holy Spirit is there, He is within us willing to tell us what to do, how to do it, why and when. He has our best interest at all times.

Your obedience has so many rewards. It has rewards of peace, joy, healing, monetary blessings, favor, prosperity, divine opportunities that you wouldn’t have gotten without your willingness to be obedient to God. The reward comes in many different forms. We are not only obedient just because we want the reward but we desire to be obedient because God is number one in our lives, because we love Him and desire to please Him daily, because living a life surrendering to Him is priority in our lives. And with the willingness to be obedient comes with reward. Whether it’s physical or spiritual, whatever form it comes in, we will eat the best of the land.