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Get Rid of the Idols in Your Life

Worship means to adore, honor or expression of reverence of something or someone

Idolatry is extreme admiration or reverence of something or someone

Sometimes in life we desire something or someone sooo bad that we start to worship it and make it our idol. For example, you may desire marriage so bad that you start to worship it and think about it so much that you refrain from being God's bride first and focusing on your relationship with Him. Or maybe you desire your ministry to grow so badly that you start to compromise and rush things that aren't God's will for you. Or maybe you desire to travel or advance in your career so you start to compare and become jealous of others and then you start to travel in debt or switch careers instead of working and being patient.

Idolatry isn't just about worshiping or bowing down to a statue. What you worship or make an idol comes from your mind and heart. God said the elders of Israel had “taken their idols into their hearts” (Ezekiel 14:3)

I encourage you to think of the things you are currently making an idol in your life. Why are those things important to you? What happens if you never get them? What if it isn't God's will for your life? What void are you trying to fill with those idols? All the money in the world, status, career advancement nor marriage can genuinely give you peace or true joy without God being the head of your life and in your heart. Pray over those things and bind that spirit of idolatry. Ask God to remove the desires from your heart that are not His desires. Ask God to help you be content with His Will. Ask Him to decrease you and increase Him in your life. Be at peace with where you are now and God's plan for you.

Don't worship a thing or a person so much that you start to find completion in those things. Instead fix your focus on The One that deserves the worship and the honor. Spend time with Him, worship Him so that He can bless you with those things you desire. Share your desires with God and release them to Him. It's okay to desire marriage. It's okay to desire advancement in your career. It's okay to travel. It's okay to desire just make your desires line up with the one that has a perfect will for you. Make sure that is what God desires for you as well.