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God does NOT hate you

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

As Believers i’m sure there has been times in our lives where we think our current circumstances are because God is upset with us. When bad things happen we sometimes think that God hates us. That is never the case. God allowed His son to rise for us to live and that says nothing about hate but all about unconditional love.

Sometimes we cause things to happen in our lives that don’t sit well with us when the consequences appear.. When we don’t invite God in our lives, He removes His hands from it. When we try to do everything on our own and don’t follow His Word, He backs away and He lets us make our own decisions. So when we are acting in our flesh and not our spirit, we make decisions that are not of God and suffer the consequences. When we are not focused each day on living for God, the enemy easily comes in and attacks. He knows that Word is powerful and that when we aren’t in it, that’s a way for him to swoop right on in and take over our minds. (1 Peter 5:8) When I was in high school and college I made poor decisions that cost me poor grades, poor friendships and relationships, and a lot of ungodly decisions which ended in consequences of a poor GPA, not many scholarships, unnecessary soul ties, and the worst of all not having a relationship with God. I wasn’t thinking about Him and I wasn’t proving that I truly loved and believed in Him. I wasn’t thinking about being a Believer. I was thinking about fun fun and more fun and whatever was pleasing to me. So, I basically dismissed God. I still prayed and read my bible but other than that I was doing me. And with that, there were poor outcomes So when things happen to us, it’s because we made the decision to obey our flesh. But that’s not to beat yourself up ever. That’s not to think God won’t turn it around because He will, but only if you let Him have His hand on it instead of our own. God wants us to choose Him. He is so much bigger and so perfect. He knows the plans, we just have to trust Him. We have to know His Word and stay in it. Now, since I’ve given my life to God fully nothing from those poor decisions affect me. God forgives. And He takes care of us if we let Him. He isn’t gonna force His way into our lives, we have to choose Him. And once we choose Him, there’s a certain peace and strength that takes over our lives (Psalms 5:11) Its now like if something happens that’s out of my control, I automatically trust God’s plan. Because I know that since His hands are on my life, the outcome is going to be great and worthwhile.