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Obedience Is A Major Key

Obey God even if it doesn’t make sense! Obedience to God is greater than all things!

Are you stumbling with the decision to obey God? Are you in a situation where you’re thinking if you obeyed God, hurt would come into your heart? Or that if you obeyed the outcome wouldn’t match your plan? Block out the fear and obey Him anyway. There will be so much inner peace and rewards when you obey God even when you didn’t understand in the beginning…even when it doesn’t feel right or make any sense.

There have been many times where God has told me to start or end something or move or stay still. Whether it was friendships, relationships, jobs, etc. And many times because it was out of my comfort zone, I didn’t want to! I didn’t want to conquer that comfort. I didn’t want to grow because of the emotional tie I had with comfort and what pleased my flesh. Only if I had known what was on the other side of my obedience. Now I know! Because of who I am and whose I am, I have the strength to do anything because God said so. So, I obeyed…

Jesus was so willing and obedient that there was no hesitation about obeying His father and being about His father’s business. That is so amazing! So why can’t I be willing and obey my Heavenly Father? Even when we don’t want to, we have to! As believers we shouldn’t have the option. We have to because of who we belong to- God! We have to because God said if we are willing and obedient we shall eat the best of the land. We can’t walk around here and do what we want all the time and make our own decisions and expect to be blessed how WE want or expect life to go how WE want it to go.

There is joy, there is strength, there is love in obedience. Even if it doesn’t make sense, obey. Even if it hurts, obey God. Trust Him. Trust His plan for your life. He wouldn’t lead you anywhere just for the heck of it. He is smart, wise and perfect. Being obedient will take you through the process of learning and growing through things you never thought of. Obedience will prepare you for your next season

““If you are willing and obedient, You shall eat the best of the land;” ‭‭ISAIAH‬ ‭1:19‬ ‭AMP‬‬