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Set Apart

Many times I wonder if God will ever provide me with friendships or a relationship with people that are like me. I always wonder if my family members will ever be like me.. will there ever be people that are super close to me that will align their lives with God like I am doing. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

We are human and we get lonely. Especially when we have truly given our lives to God and decide to live for Him and only Him. When we decide to make Him our idol and not worldly things the enemy is sure to attack. The enemy tries to make us think that we are lonely and that there’s no one in our corner. He tries to make us think that since we have decided to live Holy that we would be considered as a weird outcast and that it’ll be hard to gain friendships, relationships…and that it’ll be hard for our family members not to judge us and assume that we think we are better.

I’m here to tell you that God sees you. He loves you. And he knows the desires of your heart. You are never lonely. When you feel down, worship. When you feel lonely, worship. Turn that whole mindset around and worship. The fact that you are obeying God, He will supply. He will supply all your needs regarding your friendships, relationships, and family members. Also, God is powerful!!! Pray for those friendships to align with God. Pray for a courtship that will align with God. Pray that your family members will come to Christ. It is not a crime to believe that God can provide you with those relationships with individuals and it costs nothing to believe that He can and will do it! God sees you and He will honor you. He will honor that you are shamelessly speaking out for Him and living for Him.

“Stay with me; do not be afraid, for he who seeks my life seeks your life, but you are safe with me.” 1 Samuel 22:23 AMP