Danielle is a Believer, author and a mentor of brand name Divinely Dani. She helps everyday women develop a relationship with God​ through blogs, books, small groups and mentorship. She encourages women on how to overcome barriers, how to grow closer to God​,​ and how to increase their faith. Danielle shows them that pursuing God can have great manifestation into a Godly woman walking in who God has called her to be.


After going through many seasons of brokenness ​and great challenges in life, Danielle made a decision to do things differently by establishing a relationship with God that manifested into being who God has called her to be. Manifesting your Relationship with God not only teaches you how to develop a relationship with God and the importance of it, but it also helps you to restore whatever is broken. It helps you form a relationship that manifests healing, deliverance, faith and identity in Christ. This book will help those in Faith have a transformed life.


This is for the person that is broken from finding completion in this world. It’s for the new believer that doesn’t know God but desires to and has no idea where to begin. It’s for the Believer that has backslid and needs to know that God is waiting for them to come home with open arms and a loving and forgiving spirit.

Manifesting Your Relationship With God